UX Case Study – Accessibility

Low-fidelity mobile mock-up of a sign-up form page for a government to organize carpooling or sharing when transport is unreliable.

Visual disability is an excellent example of a common occurrence affecting most people. It can affect how amazing digital products are perceived and used. This can be a perfect topic to start the conversation. Once I raise awareness around accessibility, others will see the value in my accessibility-related research. Usability testing will support my work as well.

I have the responsibility, not only to our profession but also to our users and society, to design accessible digital solutions. As a designer, I must plan and prepare for accessibility in UX projects. One simple method of including accessibility in my UX projects is to assign a disability to one of the personas. Another way is to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), developed by the W3C (directed by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee) and inspired by the UN convention principles.

As a community, we can remove discrimination against people with disabilities and protect their rights to be part of society. Doing so will create access to all products and services that will delight everyone.

• Who are our users?
Seniors who have sight limitations and don’t have a car.
• What is the product used for?
The app aims to organize carpooling or sharing in countries with unreliable public transport.
• When is it used?
Perhaps the elderly population no longer own cars or longer drive, but occasionally they may need to go out of the city or travel to the city from the suburbs twice a week.
• What situations is it used in?
Government initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
• What will be the essential functionality?
Organise carpooling.
• What’s the most significant risk to product delivery?
Accessibility to all


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Carpooling sign-up flow Prototype


  • For government to organize carpooling
  • March 12, 2023
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