UX Case Study – Design System


PART 1 -Create the Design system

• Brand/design purpose and shared values
• Design principles
• Brand language and identity
• Logo usage (keep this brief!)
• Layout and spacing (grids)
• Typography (include a type scale)
• Colour usage
• Imagery (photos, video, etc.)
• Iconography
• Components (and their states)

PART 2 Create a PDF presentation report

• The purpose of creating a design system (briefly explain the benefits, e.g., consistency)
• Atomic Design/(introduce this concept and explain how it relates to your system)
• Visual principles (explain which principles you considered or used)
• Interaction design (show how you included interaction design in your design system, e.g., interactive buttons)
• Method (explain how you used existing branding, collaboration with classmates/colleagues, creativity, research, tools, software, etc.)
• References


UX Case Study Document

Design System

  • Conservation International
  • January 15, 2023
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  • Design System